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Historic Berengaria hotel’s revamp to cost €35 million

A dream will come true in mountainous Prodromos now that the historic but long-neglected Berengaria hotel’s revamp kicks off at the estimated cost of €35 million.

The Berengaria Luxury Boutique Hotel’s main characteristic is that it will be a listed hotel with all modern amenities thanks to bbf Group and Thanos Hotels & Resorts – the group’s consultants.

Beregaria was built in 1930 in Prodromos, the highest village in Cyprus at 1400m above sea level. It covers an area of 26,520 m2 and it’s built of stone and concrete.

The main building contains 80 rooms and the northeast part of the building includes a 200m2 swimming pool and a restaurant.

The hotel took its name from Queen Berengaria who was the wife of King Richard Lionheart.

It is also known as ‘The Hotel of The Kings’ because it used to be famous for attracting famous guests which some of them were Pharouk, The King of Egypt and the president of Israel, Ezer Vaisman.

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