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Higher fines for traffic offences move step closer



Higher fines for traffic offences, long sought by police to reduce the number of road accidents, came a step closer today after the House Transport Committee completed discussion of the proposed changes.

Political parties will take a position on the bill in committee at its next session and it will then go to the plenary for a vote.

Committee chairman Yiorgos Procopiou said that the committee decided to extend the time allowed to pay an out of court fine of over €100 from the current 15 days to 30. Fines of below €100 will still need to be paid in 15 days, he added.

Citing sources, CNA said the committee is expected to decide on the following out of court fines:

  1. For not wearing a seat belt, the fine will rise to €150 and then €300 if there is a second offence within three years.
  2. The fine for not wearing a helmet will rise from the current €85 to €200 and then €300 for a second violation.
  3.  Use of mobile phone while driving will be punished with a fine of €150 (from the current €85). It will rise to €300 in case of a second violation within three years.
  4. A traffic light violation will carry a fine of €300 (now €85).
  5. The fine for parking in a spot reserved for the disabled will rise from €85 to €300.
  6. Parking on a yellow line will rise to €100 from €65.
  7. Overtaking on a pedestrian crossing will rise from €65 to €200.

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