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High levels of dust in atmosphere. Rain later today may help ‘wash out’ particles from the air

The Ministry of Health has issued a new warning for persons belonging to vulnerable groups (children, persons over 65 and persons suffering from respiratory deseases, heart and lung diseases, as well as immunodeficiencies) due to the high concentration of dust particles in the atmosphere today.

Vulnerable citizens ought to avoid unnecessary exposure to dust, including physical exercise outdoors. They are also urged to stay in well-ventilated and air-conditioned rooms. If they experience symptoms of dyspnoea, they should contact their physician or a First Aid Department. People with respiratory conditions may need to increase the dose of their prescribed medicines and are encouraged to use a protective mask when moving about.

Today, Tuesday, the weather will be mostly cloudy with a chance of rain, raising hopes that the atmosphere may clear out a little. The temperature will rise at 38 degrees in the centre, 32 in the coasts and 27 in the mountains.

Tonight, the temperature will drop to 19 degrees in the centre and the West and North coasts, around 20 in the rest of the coasts, and 15 in the mountains.

There will be a slight drop in temperature on Wednesday and rain, or possible storms, on Friday.

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