NewsLocalHigh demand for organised tours by Cypriots, says ACTA

High demand for organised tours by Cypriots, says ACTA

Cypriots are turning this year to organised tours as an option for their summer holidays by making reservations for Greece and its islands, European destinations, as well as Asia, the Far East and the USA, President of the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA) Vassilis Stamataris told CNA.

“We see this year that Cypriots make more trips than last year. June saw enough demand and we expect July and August to record a large numbers of Cypriots seeking organised tours”, he said.

There are plenty of options for the Greek islands. Excursion packages include direct flights to Crete, Kos, Rhodes Ioannina and from Thessaloniki to Athens one can take excursions to the rest of Greece.

There is a high demand for organised excursions for Greece and for Europe to all destinations. Travel organisers have made tour packages for Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, France, Britain, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and there are also long trips to Asia, Far East and even America.

Stamataris said prices for tour packages are around the same prices as last year.

“We are pleased that prices have been maintained. People have turned to organised tours perhaps because it is cheaper to organise an excursion for their summer holidays than to organise an excursion on their own. Through our members, people will have a secure journey, we adhere to strict laws that we apply to protect travellers”, he added.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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