NewsLocalHigh concentration of harmful dust, low 30s

High concentration of harmful dust, low 30s


The Met Office is advising people to take protective measures today as high concentrations of thin dust expected across much of the island will be particularly harmful to people with respiratory issues, long term illnesses, children and the elderly.

A low pressure system affecting Cyprus will bring isolated drizzle later turning to showers in certain inland areas and over the mountains.

Winds will be southeasterly to southwesterly and in the afternoon, light to moderate northwesterly inland, force three to four and strong force four to five over southern and eastern coastal regions. Seas will be calm to slight.

Thirty degrees Celsius inland, 25 in coastal regions and 18 on the mountains.

Isolated showers at intervals this evening, with thunder in some areas.

Winds will light to moderate, turning strong force four to five in southern areas and temperatures dropping to 17 Celsius inland, 18 in coastal regions and 10 on the mountains.

Thunderous showers tomorrow, mostly in coastal areas, with strong winds.

Storms are predicted on Tuesday, mainly in the east and on the mountains, with this outlook persisting through most of the week.

Temperatures will remain above the seasonal average until tomorrow, but then a sudden rise will take them above this average.

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