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Hellenic Bank staff strike cancelled

Employees at Hellenic Bank canceled a strike that would have taken place between 12:30-14:30 on Thursday, the Union of Bank Employees (ETYK) announced.

The announcement says that the Bank’s board met with the union to discuss ways on how to resolve issues and that the board promised that all employees will receive their social security benefits by next week.

In a previous announcment ETYK claimed that the Bank’s board has divided staff in “two categories” after absorbing the former employees of Cyprus Cooperative Bank (CCB).

ETYK said the board is trying to divide the staff in a “racist way” and discriminates against former CCB employees.

“The Bank is refusing to submit money towards the social security fund of former CCB employees,” the announcement says, while noting that CCB employees have yet to be added to Hellenic’s pay scale.

It added that the bank’s board is trying to weaken the union. “The bank has a very clear motive, which is to weaken and destroy the power of ETYK.”

The union demanded from Hellenic’s board to proceed into reformations in the bank’s structure in order to fully incorporate ex-CCB employees.

The board’s response

Hellenic’s board responded to ETYK’s announcement by saying that the bank created a separate social security fund for former CCB employees, as of September 1 and holds their benefits there.

“The social security benefits of former CCB staff are secured in a separate fund and will be submitted towards employees as soon as it is made clear from which fund they will be receiving their benefits from,” the bank said.

Around 1100 ex-CCB workers currently work for Hellenic Bank.

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