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Hefty fines for littering, says Limassol Municipality

No more warning tickets for individuals and companies caught littering said Limassol Municipality on Friday, which is proceeding with implementation of relevant legislation and instructions by the Department of Environment.

“As of today those polluting the city will pay fines starting from €200 for natural persons and €500 for companies that can reach up to €4,000,” the Municipality said in an announcement, adding that as per the Waste Management Law of 2011 to 2016 in case of non compliance no warning ticket will be issued like before but a proper fine.

“For this purpose, the Municipality’s inspectors, either following a complaint or otherwise, will be conducting regular daily checks for packaging waste (category 15), like packaging made of cardboard, metal, plastic, glass and aluminium, municipal waste (category 20) like tree trimmings and bulky waste, construction and demolition waste (category 17) and tyre waste.”

When spotting illegal activity, the municipal inspector will verbally ask the offender to comply within a time frame the inspector will determine.

The inspector will also mention that in the case of non-compliance there will be a €200 fine for natural persons and €500 for companies, while in the case of repetition of the offence the amount will double.

Prior to these measures, fines were set at €85 but the Limassol Municipality only issued warning tickets, the announcement concluded.

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