NewsLocal“Heartland of Legends” promotes slow tourism in Cyprus

“Heartland of Legends” promotes slow tourism in Cyprus

The project “Heartland of Legends” promotes alternative forms of tourism and offers authentic experiences to visitors while encouraging circular economy and sustainability, Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios said Thursday, during a discussion in the framework of the 9th UNECE Ministerial Conference which takes place in Nicosia.

He told the Cyprus News Agency that “Heartland of Legends” is an innovative project and noted that Cyprus is becoming a destination that wants to promote local products and producers, as well as quality trademarks that are presented through the Cypriot breakfast.

Perdios said that the “Heartland of legends” includes a route of 3,000 kilometres which aims to promote Cypriot cultural heritage and develop tourism in rural and mountainous areas of the island.

“We wanted to showcase the sustainability and respect we show towards mountainous and remote communities and the fact that this project simultaneously promotes young and female entrepreneurship, respects local producers and gives the visitor the opportunity to experience the authenticity of Cyprus,” he highlighted.

Perdios added that the goal of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism is to channel tourists to many areas of the island and to promote winter tourism.

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