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Health tripped up – CMA’s attitude hardened

Cyprus Medical Association’s attitude has hardened. CMA, in a letter to its members, urges physicians not to participate in a survey conducted by the Health Insurance Organisation to record the views of all interested parties and prepare its communicative strategy for the implementation of the General Health System (GeSY).

In his letter, CMA reminds his members that the overall GeSY budget is “deficient”, arguing that physicians will work more and receive less than today. CMA further argues that all physicians will be informed about the outcome of the consultations with the HIO, while they will also be briefed by the scientific advisors of the Association on “Health Policies”.

At the same time, the Association draws the physicians’ attention by reiterating that only the Association’s “legally elected leadership” meets with the HIO and invites its members to avoid actions that, as stated, may lead to a split between the medical world of Cyprus and to adversely affect the efforts made to ensure that physicians will receive a bigger share as remuneration from the General Health System’s budget.

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