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Health Ministry to buy additional 400,000 rapid antigen tests

The Council of Ministers has approved a proposal by the Minister of Health Constantinos Ioannou for the purchase of an additional amount of 400,000 rapid antigen tests in the context of the Ministry`s strategy to systematically monitor the epidemiological picture of Cyprus and limit the spread of the coronavirus.

A press release by the Ministry of Health says that the additional rapid tests will be used to expand the testing of the general population that is currently underway. It notes that this contributes to the early detection of transmission chains and consequently helps to immediately isolate individuals with a positive result, in order to reduce the chances of wider spread of the virus.

In addition, more tests will be carried out in military camps, while in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, a screening program with rapid tests will be implemented in school units.

The Ministry of Health adds that the rapid tests will be used to intensify testing on employees (on a weekly basis) and residents (on a monthly basis) in care homes, rehabilitation centres and other closed structures as from next week, right after the completion of the molecular testing programme that is already underway.

A team of 40 volunteer students of medical schools in Cyprus was set up under the guidance of Dr Zoe Dorothea Pana, advisor to the Minister of Health, to ensure that health measures and protocols in those structures are fully implemented.

Finally,  a network of volunteers will assist in informing and monitoring the implementation of protocols in the workplace.


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