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Health Ministry Decree on discharge of close contacts released

The Decree by Health Minister on the new revised Protocol for discharge of coronavirus close contacts from mandatory confinement was published Friday.

According to the new protocol, close contacts are subject to mandatory self-isolation for 14 days from their last contact with the case, regardless of the laboratory result (contact day is defined as day zero). Close contacts maybe discharged earlier only with a negative PCR test on day 7, from any approved laboratory. Discharge  on  the 7th day with a negative PCR result applies only to close contacts and not to positive cases.

As regards the passengers and or employees of yachts which arrive from countries categorized as grey zone and the period from their departure from any of these countries until the arrival in Cyprus is less than 14 days, these passengers need to self-isolate for as long as needed to add up to 14 days or they are tested for PCR the 7th day and their isolation is terminated if the test is negative.

The  decree provides that the employees self-isolate in designated hotels and the expenses are paid by their employers. Any employees who have been vaccinated against COVID according to the protocol by the Ministry, or have been tested positive for COVID the past six months do not have to take a rapid test.


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