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Health Ministry presents vaccination card, issues instructions for the public

The Health Ministry issued on Friday general instructions to the public ahead of the arrival to Cyprus of the first batch of the Pfizer-BioNTech jab on Boxing Day and released a photo of the vaccination card.

In its announcement, the Health Ministry explained that Covid-19 vaccination reduces a person’s risk of contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

Like all medicines, it notes, no vaccine is completely effective and it takes a few weeks after the vaccine to build protection.

Therefore, even after vaccination, the person should follow the usual practices of personal hygiene and protection, such as frequent hand washing, maintaining social distance and using a face mask.

Some people may get COVID-19 despite being vaccinated, the Health Ministry notes, but getting vaccinated will reduce the severity of the infection. It was emphasised that vaccination with both (2) doses of vaccine is required to reduce the chance of a person becoming seriously ill or dying.

The Health Ministry further clarified that the vaccine cannot cause COVID-19 disease in the person being vaccinated.

The public is further advised of the following:

1.Before leaving the Vaccination Centre after the 1st dose of vaccine, make sure you have an appointment for the 2nd dose

2. For better protection you need to be vaccinated with both (2) doses of the vaccine

3.After the 1st dose you will receive a COVID 19 Vaccination Card which you must present when you arrive for the 2nd vaccine dose

The MoH also stressed that like all medicines, vaccines can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. Most of them are mild and do not last long and certainly do not happen to everyone. Even if you experience some symptoms after the first dose, you should take the second dose for better protection, the Ministry added.

Common side effects of the Comirnaty vaccine (COVID-19 mRNA BNT162b2) include:

• local sensitivity at the injection site

• swelling at the injection site

• redness at the injection site

• chills

• feeling tired

• headache

• nausea

• muscle pain (myalgia) or joint pain (arthralgia)

• discomfort

• feeling of fever

• swollen glands (lymphadenopathy)

Symptoms usually last less than a week. However, if your symptoms seem to be getting worse or if you are worried, contact your Personal Doctor.

Any suspected adverse reactions in those who received the vaccine should be reported to the Pharmaceutical Services of the Ministry of Health by submitting a Yellow Card in the following ways:

Electronic submission at or print and fill in the relevant form available on the Pharmaceutical Services’ website

The print form can be sent:

  • By post (free of charge) to Pharmacovigilance Unit, Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health CY-1475, Nicosia, landline +357 22608607
  • By fax to +357 22608669

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