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Health Ministry prepares plan for COVID-19 vaccination

The plan, which will be followed by the Ministry of Health, for vaccination against the coronavirus has already been prepared, said today to CNA the Deputy Director of Medical Services of the Ministry of Health, Olga Kalakouta, who noted that its details remain to be discussed.

Cyprus` Deputy Director of Medical Services and Public Health Services Olga Kalakouta has told CNA that the Ministry of Health has prepared a plan for the vaccination scheme to be followed against COVID-19.  She assured that the Ministry will be ready in time and long before the delivery of the first dose of the coronavirus vaccines.

She said that receiving the shots on time and vaccinating the population is a huge project that entails detailed and thorough planning because the numbers are big. Kalakouta added that with the contribution of the Scientific Team of the Ministry of Health , every little detail of the plan will be analyzed and discussed.

As regards the priorities, she said that everything that applies for seasonal flu will apply to the COVID-19 vaccines and those groups of people will get the shot first.

Cyprus Ministry of Health participates as an EU Member State in all four agreements, signed through the European Commission and has already submitted the amounts due in each case, ie 600,000 from AstraZeneca, 200,000 from Johnson & Johnson and 200,000 from Pfizer / BioNTech.

Sanofi Pasteur & GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals has not yet asked the states to place orders.


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