NewsLocalHealth Ministry issues safety tips as temperatures soar to 41

Health Ministry issues safety tips as temperatures soar to 41

With temperatures set to soar to 41 degrees inland on Saturday, the Health Ministry is urging vulnerable groups to exercise particular care. These groups include babies, children, people over 65, pregnant women and people with health problems.

The announcement followed the issue of a yellow alert by the Met Office for Saturday. The heat wave is expected to ease on Sunday, with rain possible next week.

Vulnerable groups are urged to: Avoid frequent and extended exposure to the sun and strenuous exercise;  To wear loose, light coloured clothes and to wear a hat and glasses if they need to be outside in the sun; Avoid the consumption of alcohol, coffee, heavy foods and to eat light foods, vegetables and juices; To consume ample water;  To use fans and air conditioning; Have frequent lukewarm showers during the day; Parents of newborns should dress them lightly and ask their pediatrician for advice regarding hydration; People with health conditions, such as respiratory or heart conditions, should consult their doctor on any special measures they should take

The Met Office said the heat will begin to ease gradually from tomorrow. There will be light dust in the atmosphere until Sunday afternoon.

Temperatures on Saturday will rise to 41 inland, 35 on the south and east coasts, 33 the north coast and 31 on the west coast and the mountains.

Sunday will be mainly fine, with temperatures edging down. Monday will be mainly fine in the morning though there may be localised clouds on the coast. Isolated rain is expected in the afternoon with the possibility of storms. Temperatures will fall further.

Tuesday will be mainly fine in the morning, with possible clouds on the coast. But from midday to the afternoon there will be local rain or storms inland and in the mountains. Temperatures will remain at Monday’s levels.




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