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Health Ministry issues reminder for Green Monday measures

The Health Ministry issued an announcement on Sunday to remind citizens of the measures that will apply by exception on Green Monday to allow the public some room to celebrate.

“In view of tomorrow’s holiday, we want to remind the public that the following will apply only for March 15:

  • Access to public meeting places is allowed, in particular: dams, parks, linear parks, squares, nature trails and picnic areas.
  • The maximum number of people who can gather in the above areas is 6 people per group, not including minors (six adults and plus their children).
  • Access to playgrounds located within the above areas is not allowed.
  • For the purpose of going to the above places, an SMS needs to be sent to 8998 selecting option number 6.
  • Access to the above areas is allowed until 8:30 pm.
  • The curfew starts at 9 pm.

“While aiming at the psychological recovery of all citizens, always keeping in mind the need to protect both individual and public health, we urge the public to show maximum compliance if they intend to go out on Green Monday.

“The safety and protection of ourselves and others should be everyone’s main priority, observing all the measures of social distancing and personal protection,” the announcement concluded.

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