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Health Ministry issues advice as temperatures climb

With temperatures set to hit 40 C inland on Friday, the Health Ministry has urged the public to be careful, with extra precautions recommended for vulnerable groups such as babies, children, people over 65, pregnant women and people with health issues .

The met office has issued a yellow alert for Friday, saying that maximum temperatures inland will reach 40 C.

In a written statement, the ministry said the public should avoid extensive exposure to the sun, unnecessary movement and strenuous physical exercise; they should wear loose, light coloured clothes and wear a hat  and sunglasses if exposed to the sun; avoid consumption of alcohol, coffee and heavy food and prefer instead light food, vegetables and juice. They should also drink plenty of water.

The ministry also recommended the use of fans and air condition and lukewarm showers during the day.

Special care should be taken with babies who must be dressed lightly. Parents should consult their paediatricians  about liquids. People with a chronic condition such as respiratory or heart problems should consult their doctors about any special measures they should take.

The Health Ministry urged the public to be particularly careful during the hours for which the Met Office has issued the yellow alert —  12 noon and 4 pm.

Groups particularly sensitive to high temperatures and the sun are children, the elderly, the obese, people not used to working in a an environment where there is heat and humidity, people with heart conditions, diabetics, people with breathing problems, kidney problems and people on medicine such as diuretics, among other.

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