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Health Ministry: 9th flu death in Cyprus

Another death has been recorded from complications resulting from influenza A at a state hospital on Monday, bringing the total of flu-related deaths to nine this winter, the Health Ministry said.

It said the patient belonged to the vulnerable group of the population and had been hospitalised since January 31. No further details were given.

The ministry added that from February 1 to today, the number of flu cases remained high even though in the past two weeks, they have abated compared to previous weeks.

Since December 1, a total of 53 patients with serious influenza A have been hospitalised at state hospitals of whom nine have died.

The ministry said it was closely monitoring the situation and urged the public to take simple precautionary measures such as to ensure good ventilation, to avoid indoor venues with a lot of people, to use a tissue when sneezing and then to wash one’s hands, to wash hands frequently and well and not to smoke. In addition, children who are ill should not be sent to school for at least 48 hours after they are temperature free and only after the symptoms have gone.

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