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Health Minister: The situation is satisfactory but fragile–UPDATED

The situation in Cyprus regarding COVID-19 is satisfactory but fragile, Health Minister Konstantinos Ioannou said during a news conference today. He noted that the cases are expected to remain at the same level or to increase in view of winter. He pointed out that citizens must pay attention to instructions adding that the triptych hands-masks- distances must become a way of life for everyone. He asked for the cooperation of all citizens so that the situation will not get out of control.

On her part, Dr. Zoi-Dorothea Pana, referred to the operation of schools noting that due to the fact that children are mainly asymptomatic carriers, we must be extremely careful.

Finally, Dr. Elisavet Constantinou. Director of the Medical and Public Health Services, said that flu vaccination will take place gradually but added that vaccination does not replace the health and protection measures.

Moreover, the Minister referred to cases when incorrect data is provided during tracing and appealed to the citizens to do the correct thing. Regarding the increases cases in football, Mr. Ioannou said that accumulated cases can be found anywhere, adding that if needed more measures will be taken.

Asked whether there are thoughts about local lockdown, he said that the scientific team is evaluating all available data but pointed out that the target is to implement local measures and not lockdown.

Regarding the treatment protocol used for COVID-19 patients, he said that there is the protocol of March which is being updated when new data arises.


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