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Health Minister proud of Ambulance Service (photos)

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou took to social media on Saturday to express his gratitude for the ‘devotion, hard work and selflessness’ of the Ambulance Service personnel in handling the Covid-19 outbreak in Cyprus.

Ioannou said that Okypy’s ambulance service was in the front line from day one to manage the pre-hospitalisation aspects of the outbreak. He said that through 1420, the service handled and evaluated by telephone over 9,000 Covid-19 incidents.

In addition, 3,336 urgent calls were responded to by ambulances with specialist crews and more than 800 samples were taken from patients at their homes because of mobility issues and other problems they were experiencing.

“These trying times we are experiencing have highlighted the devotion, hard work and selflessness of the people in the front line of duty. The members of Okypy’s ambulance service are doing a fantastic job and deserve our praise. In the last month they have been working up to 18 hours a day without a single day off,” the Minister wrote.

He went on to thank members of the service extensively and by name, including the 150 members that staff ambulance stations across the island among which the Coronavirus hotline 1420.

Η δοκιμασία που περνούμε το τελευταίο διάστημα, αναδεικνύει την αφοσίωση, το μεράκι και την ανιδιοτέλεια των ανθρώπων…

Publiée par Constantinos Ioannou – Minister of Health sur Samedi 11 avril 2020

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