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Health Minister orders new report on flu death

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou has ordered a new investigation into the death of a 34 year old man from the flu after an initial report submitted today was found to be inadequate.

In a written statement, the minister said that he had asked the executive head of the state health services to submit a report on the issue. This report was submitted today but the facts given were lacking and it was therefore impossible to reach a conclusion, he said.

New instructions have been given for another, comprehensive report, so that the next steps can be decided, the minister added.

The family of the man, who died in the intensive care unit of Nicosia Hospital on Wednesday morning, have filed a complaint of medical negligence with Larnaca police.

They have said that the man had visited Larnaca Hospital several times. He health deteriorated and he was admitted to Larnaca Hospital and from there transferred to the ICU unit where he died.

Seven people have died from influenza A so far this winter and another 40 are in hospital.

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