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Health Minister announces small relaxations regarding Covid-19 measures

Ηealth Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas told the press that small relaxations of COVID measures will be announced Friday, following a Cabinet meeting.

Speaking after a meeting of the parliamentary health committee the Minister said that the proposals to be put before the Cabinet include entrance of unvaccinated people to stadiums, cinemas and theaters with a PCR test.

He also said that the Ministers are set to also approve a proposal for the increase of individuals in indoor and outdoor spaces.

As regards the face mask Hadjipantelas said that this measure will be with us for a little while as it is proven that it provides protection.

Asked why unvaccinated people cannot enter stadiums, cinemas and theatres with a rapid test but a PCR is needed, he said that relaxations will be put into force gradually, noting that the aim is to have the stadiums open. He called on people to be patient, adding that when conditions allow it, the entrance will be allowed with a rapid test.

As regards the administration of the 3rd dose to all citizens, Hadjipantelas said that this will happen when specialists say so, adding that all decisions are taken following the advice of scientists.

He said that he spoke with the Head of the Advisory Committee on vaccinations and in the next few days the members will meet up to provide suggestions on the matter to the Health Ministry and the Cabinet.

The Minister said that there should not be complacency because of the epidemiological figures of the country. He said that Cyprus has one of the highest percentage of vaccinations in Europe and this has allowed us to have a drop in hospitalizations but there is no room for complacency as we have other conditions in place, such as the opening of the universities and schools and therefore we should all continue to follow the measures and be vigilant.

Invited to comment on incidents of people using a fake safe pass he said that he spoke to the Attorney General and some cases will be brought before justice soon.

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