NewsLocalHealth minister aims at 84% vaccination coverage, campaigns in rural areas (pics)

Health minister aims at 84% vaccination coverage, campaigns in rural areas (pics)


No cause for concern from the rise in covid cases, but vigilance must remain, said health minister Michalis Hadjipantelas on the covid campaign, urging people to vaccinate and stating his goal of an 84% vaccination rate.

He spoke to reporters from the Nicosia district community of Palaihori, where Hadjipantelas campaigned for more vaccination amongst the elderly and the ministry director general Christina Yiannaki carried out vaccinations herself.

She stressed that Cyprus was now at 80.1% full vaccination and they next step was 82% and even going further to 84%.

The health minister said he fully stood behind the Presidents’ position that absolutely no changes would take place in the health system’s philosophy.

138 people vaccinated at Palaihori today (Saturday), 130 with the third dose of the vaccine.

Hadjipantelas said the goal was to promote vaccination awareness amongst the elderly as well as provide the opportunity for those with mobility issues, to vaccinate at their own community and shield themselves from the virus.

On the general covid situation, the health minister said the situation was being monitored daily, noting the importance of adhering to the measures and the relevant protocols;

‘…if everyone does that and vaccinates’, he stressed, ‘there will absolutely be no issues’.

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