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Health hygiene protocol on elections day so that further Covid spread is averted

Wearing a protective face mask while casting your vote on Sunday, February 5, when the island’s presidential elections will take place is only mandatory.

But highly recommended in a bid to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other contagious infections, the Health Ministry said in a written statement on Monday.

As for the people staffing polling stations all across Cyprus, protective measures to be taken have also been announced with the Ministry underlying that these are expected to be the minimum to be implemented.

Moreover, the Ministry advises the following:

– Persons who are under restriction following a positive Covid-19 test and who are registered on the electoral roll on the day of the elections are granted permission to do so. But, exclusively to the polling station where they are registered.

– They may go to the polling station either on foot or in a private vehicle in which they will have exclusive use for that day and without any other stops.

– It should be noted that the use of public transport is prohibited.

-And they will be obliged to wear a protective mask.

As for the rooms where voting will be taking place:

-These have to be adequately ventilated. The use of air conditioning is permitted provided that a continuous and adequate supply of fresh air is ensured, either by the use of mechanical systems or by regular natural ventilation of the room.

– Employees and representatives of candidates must wear a protective mask at all times while in the polling station.

– Recommendation for all voters to wear a protective mask inside polling stations

– The presence, in a prominent position at the entrances and exits – where applicable – of polling stations, of a bottle of disinfectant solution (with an infusion pump and base) for the hand hygiene of voters.

– The polling booths will not be curtained and it will be the responsibility of the centre’s staff to regularly disinfect them, as well as all surfaces with which voters and staff come into contact. As well as pens to be used.

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