NewsLocalHealth authorities on red alert over dominant Omikron2 variant

Health authorities on red alert over dominant Omikron2 variant

The Omicron2 coronavirus variant is currently the dominant one circulating globally and Cyprus is no exception with health authorities going on red alert, Philenews reported on Friday.

Because the rising number on new infections along with those that of hospitalizations leaves no room for complacency, insiders also said.

The World Health Organization has already warned that the new variant, which goes by the scientific name BA.2 and is one of three branches of the Omicron viral family, could drag out the Omicron surge in much of the world.

And that Omicron is mild and that this is the last variant that the world will have to deal with is misinformation.

In Cyprus, Scientific Advisory Committee members arei expected to meet with the Minister of Health on Monday and under the microscope will come the alarming official data recorded in public hospitals.

However, the positive news is that the number of unvaccinated patients is now on the decline. Specifically, the percentage of people who do not have a vaccination history and are hospitalized dropped to 58% in the last 24 hours.


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