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Health authorities in Cyprus on red alert over Covid-19 state of play

The increasing number of people needing to be put in hospital Intensive Care Units in Cyprus because their coronavirus symptoms are so bad has alarmed the island’s health authorities.

At the same time, the D+ mutation has also made its presence in Cyprus with two positive samples recorded in samples over the past 24 hours, according to Philenews.

Moreover, the percentage of fully vaccinated elderly people who are in ICUs now stands at a steady 40% to 45%, Philenews also reported on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Health, State Health Services Organization (Okypy) and scientists closely monitor the data and get ready for whatever eventuality.

And mmeebrsof the team of scientists advising the goverermnt on Covid-19 pointed out the way in which coronavirus tests are currently carried out does not help towards conclusions on a complete epidemiological picture.

These tests should focus on the vaccinated people who are most at risk and start studying properly the manner and groups in which rapid tests are performed.

One also said it was time to take seriously the groups of the population that are controlled, because the vast majority of those who have been vaccinated rarely get tested, or don’t get tested at all.






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