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Heads of upper secondary schools briefed on Covid protocol ahead of return to school (Update 2)

The heads of public upper secondary schools (lyceums) and technical schools participated on Saturday in an educational seminar via teleconference ahead of the return to school on Monday, May 11 of final year pupils and on May 21 of pupils of all other levels.

During the meeting, Dr Zoi-Dorothea Pana, Pediatrics Lecturer at the European University and member of the expert team advising the government on Coronavirus, briefed attendees on the protocol to be followed in schools upon reopening.

Other members of the Health Ministry’s expert committee also attended the teleconference and responded to questions from participants together with Dr Pana.

Apart from the hygiene protocol in schools, attendees were also presented with data on Covid-19 and the epidemiological situation in Cyprus with special emphasis on children.

The teleconference opened with remarks by the Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou, who reiterated that decisions in the education sector and all other sectors were taken with the approval of the team of experts and made reference to President Anastasiades’ speech who clarified that decisions are subject to the epidemiological situation at the time of implementation.

“With the return to school this coming Monday of final year pupils in Lyceums and Technical Schools we will strictly implement and adhere to hygiene protocols. The protocols have been prepared and will be circulated to school principals, teachers, parents, guardians and children,” he said.

Prodromou said he understands concerns and anxiety “but with adherence to instructions and measures we will make it, like in the recent period.”

He had initially addressed concerns for the reopening of schools yesterday at a press conference assuring that the decision is backed by the health experts advising the government on Coronavirus, while admitting that pedagogical factors and consideration for parents who need to go to work also influenced the decision.

Prodromou is scheduled to respond to the public’s questions on the reopening of schools at 4 pm today via Messenger from the Government’s Facebook profile.

Pictured: The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Prodromos Prodromou addresses via teleconference at the Ministry a training seminar of the Directors of Lyceums and Technical Schools in Nicosia, Cyprus on May 9, 2020.

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