NewsLocalHeadmaster deprives Syrian teenager of year's graduation diploma moment because of hairstyle

Headmaster deprives Syrian teenager of year’s graduation diploma moment because of hairstyle

A Larnaca high school headmaster has been accused of racism after he refused to give a 15-year-old Syria student the year’s graduation diploma because his hairstyle was not considered as ‘decent’.

Many parents told Philenews that the graduation ceremony on Tuesday evening was marred by the latest such racist action by the said headmaster.

And that reports against him have been sent to the Ministry of Education which seems to be doing nothing about it.

The specific headmaster is the same one who was reported last year because he did not allow a student from Kenya to attend the school’s graduation ceremony because her hair was braided.

The mother of the Syrian teenager was outraged over the latest incident and disclosed to Philenews that the students who were informed that they would not get a diploma due to their hairstyle were actually six. And most of them were not from Cyprus.

In the end, only her son was deprived of that special moment.

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