NewsLocalHares brutally beaten to death, stolen from Lymbia farm

Hares brutally beaten to death, stolen from Lymbia farm

Several hares were beaten to death and stolen from a farm in Lymbia, the United Hunters Party reported in an announcement on Friday.

Around midnight on October 19, trespassers broke into a hare breeding farm and murdered 16 hares by brutally hitting them on the ground, to steal and sell them, the party said.

The farm’s owner took notice of what had happened the next morning after he went to feed the animals and reported the crime to the police.

The act was recorded by a security camera system and the footage has been sent to the police.

The United Hunters Party called for an urgent investigation of the case and said that the perpetrators are “a disgrace to the human race.

“We support balance in nature and protecting animals. Hunting should be carried out on equal terms.

“Besides stealing, the brutal way in which they killed the animals, is proof of their perverted and sick character and the fact that they are a danger to society,” the party said.

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