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Halloumi also stars in a new book by Lysandros Lysandrou

On the very pleasant and historic occasion of the official – if belated, after seven years –  recognition by the appropriate European authorities of the iconic and nowadays world-renowned product of  Cyprus Χαλλούμι-Halloumi-Hellim as a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Author Lysandros Lysandrou introduces the recent publication of his bilingual novella in English entitled “GOLDIE and the Power of Love” and in the Greek Cypriot dialect entitled “Αν έσιεις Γρουσήν… δκιάβαινε!”, in which the main protagonist is the halloumi!

The content of this novel is a happy, romantic, and educational story involving halloumi, the famous Cypriot cheese that is an integral part of the traditional life of our Eastern Mediterranean home island. The story unfolds in a village and is based on the traditional way of life of Cyprus and specifically on the production of halloumi.

The project has the specific purpose of exploring and communicating this important cultural aspect of our country. This is not a complete scientific study of the whole subject, but it conveys the essence of this important aspect of Cypriot cultural life in as precise a way and to the extent that is allowed by the imaginary scenario.

In the plot of the story, the co-protagonist with the halloumi, who, with the assistance of his wife and daughter, makes and sells halloumi, has a particular weakness in a specific goat, which he considers as his lucky charm, and concerning various mishaps that will occur in the story…

The above is my second published bilingual book that deals with various interesting aspects of the traditional life of Cyprus. The first was published in 2018 and is entitled “Make a Mountain out of a Molehill” – “Κάμνεις τον Ψύλλον Κάμηλον”, and has, significantly, been officially approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Youth to be included in the list of recommended books for enrichment of school libraries and its utilization by teachers and students.

—Both books are available through Amazon ( Anyone interested may find it and order it by typing the author’s name or the titles of the books in English characters.

They are not currently available in bookstores.

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