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Habits must change, says Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative Chairman

Chairman of Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI) Philippos Drousiotis has told Cyprus News Agency that society must change its habits regarding recycling and reduction of waste, noting that CSTI makes presentations at schools and hotels on such sustainability issues.

In an interview with CNA, Drousiotis replied to questions which regard recycling and the reduction of waste in relation to the Initiative’s activities, the situation in the hotel industry and what further steps ought to be taken.

Asked how important recycling and finding ways to reduce waste is for the Cypriot tourist sector’s sustainability he said that CSTI has “been a leader since 2006 in recycling and reduction of waste matters.”

According to Drousiotis, “it is the obligation of everyone in the tourism industry to reduce waste production and separating and recycling waste is a must.”

Replying to a question as to the level of awareness professionals in the tourism sector have, Drousiotis says that the initiative believes that “the tourism industry has a good appreciation (of the matter), but there is room for improvement.”

The initiative, the Chairman of the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative notes, “has greatly contributed with projects and raising awareness campaigns in the hotel and the tourism industry.”

Asked to give some examples of projects or programmes the initiative has promoted in recent years, he replies that in cooperation with the Cyprus Tourism Organisaton and the Travel Foundation UK the initiative prepared a “Waste Mapping” manual for hotels which aims to reduce waste production.

He also says that the CSTI takes part in the BeMed programme of the Prince Albert Foundation of Monaco for the reduction of plastic waste which ends up in the Mediterranean and the “Sand and Sea Plastic Free” programme in cooperaton with TUI Care Foundation & Travel Foundation, “in an effort to reduce one use plastics” in the tourist industry and society in general.

Replying to a question as to what further steps should be taken, he expresses the belief that “society must change attitudes and in order for that to happen we must invest in education and in small children.”

CSTI, Drousiotis notes, pays great attention to this area and this is why we make presentations in schools on sustainability issues such as recycling and single use plastics.

He adds that CSTI also organizes educational seminars for professionals such as hotel managers, chefs, reception staff and others.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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