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Greens propose tougher no-smoking rules

The Greens have tabled a bill seeking tougher regulations on smoking in certain outdoor areas, tougher penalties for those who sell tobacco to minors and the abolition of cigar lounges in hotels.

The bill gives a new definition to the term open outdoor area, provides for tougher penalties and extends the list of venues where smoking is prohibited.

Under the proposal, an open area is defined as any area that is not covered or inside, is not surrounded by walls, has at least three sides permanently open which cannot open or close at the decision of the manager, can be covered by a roof and does not communicate with an inside area.

The bill also proposes tougher penalties for people who sell tobacco to minors as well as to those who smoke in the workplace.

It also wants to scrap a provision in the law that allows smoking in specially designated cigar lounges in hotels as well as in smoking floors at hotels.

Another proposal is to add to open areas where smoking is prohibited the outside areas of tuition centres and sports facilities.

Under the proposal the fine for a first conviction for selling tobacco to a minor would rise from 2000 euro to 3000 euro, and in the event of a second conviction from 3000 to 5000.

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