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Greens blast Akamas road widening as ‘ecological disaster’

The widening of an Akamas road where two tourists were killed last October has led to an ‘ecological disaster’ the Greens said on Thursday as they accused authorities of sloppy work.

Two tourists, a man and a woman, were killed when their car went off a 30 metre cliff in the Kakoskali area, near Aphrodite Baths in the Akamas last October.

Their tragic deaths led to renewed demands from local communities that the road be widened. They threatened to repair the road themselves if the state did not do so. The Greens countered at the time that the road was dangerous and should be closed to the public altogether.

In an announcement on Thursday, the Greens said that without carrying out any studies, authorities had sent bulldozers in to make improvements to a dangerous path, only to leave behind them an ‘ecological disaster’.

The Greens said that a large part of the road where it has been widened has been eroded.  They want the House Environment Committee and the Technical Chamber to visit the area to prevent even more damage.

“It appears that the advisers of the Agriculture Minister have taken advantage of a recent accident where a couple was killed, and pressed ahead without any interference to widen the road,” the Greens said.

“We have received complaints from visitors in the area who have seen the terrible state of the road where it has been widened. We call on the Agriculture Minister to fulfil his responsibilities. Akamas does not need experimentation,” they said.

If what has occurred is what we can expect from the implementation of the Akamas management plan, its destruction is just around the corner, they concluded.

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