NewsLocalGreens angered by cutting of trees at Kyriakos Matsis Avenue (Photos)

Greens angered by cutting of trees at Kyriakos Matsis Avenue (Photos)

In a letter to Nicosia Mayor Constantinos Giorkatsis, the President of the Cyprus Green Party Giorgos Perdikis has voiced dissatisfaction with the decision made to cut an additional seven trees in order to complete the construction works to upgrade Kyriakos Matsis Avenue.

The trees were cut down during the first day of the project.

In the letter, Mr Perdikis notes, “it seems that our suggestion – for a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Nicosia with regard to Kyriakou Matsi Avenue – was not implemented. As a result, the tree cutting was inevitable”.

“Why did we decide to have two traffic lanes? Will there be measures taken in order to protect the rest of the trees in the area?

Dozens of trees that were not in the plan ended up being cut or destroyed for instance Byron Street and Aglantzias Street trees were ripped from their roots to eventually fall to the ground either by wind of bulldozers. What measures will be taken so that no more trees will be destroyed? Who will oversee this? How many trees will be maintained? Are the destroyed trees photographed and archived?”

Unfortunately climate change is beginning to affect humans even more and we need to protect our natural resources as much as possible but instead, we continue to destroy them” the announcement concludes.

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