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Greek spy scandal: Limassol person in Predator spyware manufacturing company

The manufacturing company of Predator spyware through which the mobile phones of Greece’s Pasok-Kinal leader Nicos Androulakis and journalist Thanasis Koukakis were trapped has a strong Cypriot connection, Philenews reports.

Specifically, Cytrox Holdings Zrt. which is registered in the Hungarian National Register of Companies has three persons appearing as holding the top positions of the company in question.

And a 42-year-old person with a Greek Cypriot name is one of them. The initials of this person’s name are “A.A.” and appears to be a member of the company’s board of directors and its “main official”. He has declared Zakaki area in Limassol as his permanent address.

Moreover, the official Cytrox documents filed with the competent Hungarian Authority include another Greek Cypriot second name – this time from Larnaca. He does not appear as an official but as an alternate corporate executive.

It is widely known that Jaron Levgoren is also a corporate executive of Cytrox. This is the man who essentially connects the Predator with the case of the surveillance van that has been investigated by Cypriot authorities.

In February 2020 and a few months after international arrest warrants were issued against Tal Dilian (WiSpear – Intellexa) and Abraham Shahak Avni (NCIS) in connection with the ‘spy’ van case the two handed over control of the Cyprus-registered company Poltrex to Levgoren.


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