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Greek Cypriot applicant Loizidou aims at the restitution of her property in Turkish-occupied Kyrenia  

Greek Cypriot applicant Titina Loizidou says she always aimed at the restitution of her property in Kyrenia, in the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus.
The issue was discussed recently at the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, in the framework of the supervision of the execution of European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) judgments.
“Until today, Turkey has not complied with the 1996 ECHR judgment for the restitution of use and peaceful enjoyment of my property in occupied Kyrenia and for this reason I was in Strasbourg last week for meetings with a large number of delegations,” she notes. The damages paid by Turkey concern only the loss of use of her property and expenses, she explains.
In a memorandum submitted recently in Strasbourg, the Turkish government asked, inter alia, the Deputies to instruct the Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers to terminate the supervision of a series of property-related cases, including “Loizidou”, “Eugenia Michaelidou Developments Ltd and Michael Tymvios” and “Alexandrou.”
Turkey says Loizidou and other Greek Cypriot applicants should take recourse to the immovable property commission – which Ankara operates in the northern part of Cyprus – and that the supervision of their cases should be closed. On Thursday, the Turkish delegation walked out of a meeting towards the end of a three-day session of the Committee of Ministers, protesting against the non-adoption by the Committee of its recommendations.

The European Court of Human Rights sentenced Turkey in numerous cases, brought forward by Greek Cypriots, concerning the violation of their fundamental human rights, following the 1974 invasion, with regards to their property.


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