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Government welcomes law establishing independent Authority against corruption

The government has welcomed the law establishing an independent Authority against corruption, pledging to continue fighting corruption.

A Presidency of the Republic press release said that after the law for the protection of whistleblowers in January, another significant step was taken to strengthen the framework to combat corruption with the establishment of the independent Authority.

It pledged “the effort to combat corruption at every level should be and will be continuous at every level.”

Both laws, the presidency said, “are significant reforms which will decisively contribute in handling corruption and promoting transparency and accountability, consolidating the rule of law in our country.”

The President thanked the political leadership, the House Legal Affairs Committee and its chairman who after a recent meeting at the Presidential Palace, with consensus and a creative spirit, took advantage of the suggestions the President tabled.

He also said that in the same spirit he hopes the House will proceed in the coming period to approve the important bills concerning the reform of local government.


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