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Government urged to stop subsidization of photovoltaic panels installation programmes

With the cost of energy and electricity increasing dramatically many households in Cyprus are taking advantage of the subsidisation programmes by the Ministry of Energy for the installation of photovoltaic panels.

But even though these projects are indisputably very popular the Mediterranean island’s two main authorities on the transport and distribution of electricity are urging the government to immediately suspend their subsidization.

In fact, in a letter dated January 20, 2023 the Transmission System Operator and the Distribution System Operator (EAC Distribution) argue that installation of further PV panels will  jeopardize the safe operation of the island’s electricity system.

And that this will spark unpleasant situations, probably implying  widespread power cuts because of the system’s instability, Philenews also reports.

What the two authorities warn is that the existence of so many residential PV systems for self-generation and the continued increase in new systems being installed in homes is dangerously increasing the capacity of so-called “uncontrolled” PVs.

And, as a result, in cases where urgent disconnections of photovoltaic systems from the grid are needed to ensure the smooth operation and stability of the electricity system, this will become mission impossible.

Because there is no direct contact/management of net metering systems by the operators – except in limited exceptions.

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