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Government Spokesman marks President’s huge effort for Cyprus talks to resume

Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said on Sunday that the President is making a huge effort for Cyprus reunification talks to resume but he is faced with great difficulties.
‘The President is making a huge effort to resume the negotiations with a view to resolve the Cyprus problem, on the basis of UN resolutions and the principles and regulations of the EU, given the Guterres framework, which appears to disrupt Turkey’s attempt to control Cyprus’, Prodromou told reporters on the sidelines of a memorial service for EOKA hero Nicolaos Yiangou in Limassol.
He noted that the multifaceted and multilevel diplomatic strategy of the country contributes to the President’s effort.
‘The aim is for the talks to resume’ Prodromou said, but warned that Turkey is trying either to change the negotiating process by introducing a non-functional plan for a solution or gain recognition of a separate Turkish state in Cyprus.
The Spokesman urged the political parties to present their positions and proposals at the meeting of the National Council on Monday, the country’s top advisory body, on how to activate the United Nations, against Turkey’s attempts to shift the negotiations away from UN track.
Source: CNA

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