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Government reacting to T/C decision about 24-hour-test at checkpoints

The decision of the occupation “authorities” to demand as of today that all Greek Cypriots wishing to cross into the pseudostate have a negative PCR test of the last 24 hours, is creating problems to people crossing over on a daily basis due to work, for example teachers teaching enclaved children. This is also particularly difficult for the residents of Pyrgos Tyllirias who are in and out of the occupied areas every day in order to go to work in the free areas.

So the government has informed the United Nations asking for explanations for this decision and UN officials are today expected to have contacts on the issue.

It is reminded that the said decision was made after Greek Cypriot enclaved in Rizokarpasso tested positive to the virus.

Presidential Commissioner Fotis Fotiou said that so far eight Greek Cypriots have tested positive to COVID-19 and six of them have been transferred to the free areas for treatment. Moreover the school of Rizokarpaso which also had some confirmed cases is currently closed and has been disinfected.


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