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Government-Disy make contact to resolve differences

President Christodoulides and Disy leader Annita Demetriou had a phone call last Wednesday to discuss differences emerging between the government and the conservative party.

According to Phileleftheros, Christodoulides is dissatisfied with the fact that Disy has voted to reject several government bills in the parliament, such as the recent e-kalathi bill, in which Disy sided with left-wing Akel against the government.

On the other side, Disy leadership are upset by government ministers participating in informal activities of the European People’s Party (EPP), as they believe that they cannot belong in the same EU political group, because President Christodoulides is no longer a Disy member.

The information regarding the outcome of the conversation between the two sides varies, with government sources stating that Demetriou and Christodoulides agreed to ease tensions, while Disy sources emphasised their annoyance and difference of opinion with the administration, Phileleftheros writes.

Moreover, it is noted from Disy’s side that if the government wants the party’s support, it should remain in consultation with the party’s leadership. There are even voices within Disy warning that the party could vote to reject the state budget, Phileleftheros writes.

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