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Government considering extending measures against COVID, some exceptions on the table due to Easter

The government is considering an extension of the existing measures against COVID-19 until 15th May to curb the spread of coronavirus, however small exceptions for specific days are being examined during the Easter holidays.

CNA has learnt that the exceptions will take place on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday and these will be an extension of the curfew, currently starting from 2300, so that  worshippers can attend the evening mass and up to ten people allowed to be present at homes.

Final decisions will be taken by the Cabinet on Thursday, 22 April.

The high number of cases on a daily basis and the fact that state hospitals are inundated do not leave the government with choices, which does not rule out considering even stricter and urgent measures.

The Scientific Advisory Council will convene on Tuesday evening to evaluate the current epidemiological situation and will present proposals on how to handle it.

Regarding church services during the Holy Week, the sources have ruled out the possibility of increasing the number of worshippers attending services, however if the situation improves in next few days, the measure could be revised.

Meanwhile, decisions on delaying the return of students to schools after the Easter holidays will not be on tonight’s agenda. CNA sources have said that a decision on when students will return to schools will be taken on Easter Monday when there will be a clearer picture on the situation in hospitals and Intensive Care Units.

In another development, Constantinos Tsioutis, head of the advisory team and assistant professor of Internal Medicine and Infection Prevention and Control, in a written statement said the situation in which the hospitals are now and the increased number of cases with coronavirus, is really a cause for concern, as is the high number of new cases and transmissions recorded on a daily basis.

“For this reason,” he stressed, “everyone must understand that in order not to further deteriorate the situation, it is necessary for everyone to take individual responsibility, both towards themselves and towards others.” Any decisions taken this evening, he added, will be put before the Minister of Health.


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