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Good news for Cyprus now that EU speeds up vaccine passports approval process

It’s good news for a holiday island such as Cyprus that the process of the Digital Green Certificate approval has been speeded up by the EU.

This is in order to enable their issuance in time for summer 2021, something that gives Cyprus’ tourism prospects a much-needed boost.

The idea is for what is also referred to as vaccine passports to serve as proof that the holder does not suffer from Covid-19.

The European Parliament’s members last week supported activating the emergency procedure (Rule 163) which would allow faster parliamentary observation and examination of the Commission’s proposal.

In a statement, the Commission also said it was “extremely important” to move forward with its technical implementation, in line with the ongoing legislative process.

This is to ensure the availability of the certificates across the EU by the end of June. The next step now from a technical point of view is the creation of national infrastructure.

That is, the development of national solutions for the issuance, verification and storage of digital green certificates. After a pilot phase in May, an EU portal to be set up will be ready to connect member states in June.


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