NewsLocalGlorious sunny conditions over long holiday weekend, near 40s

Glorious sunny conditions over long holiday weekend, near 40s


Cloudy spells over the weekend will do little to dampen a sunshine drenched long weekend, as a massive exodus is expected to coastal and mountain resorts for the most revered religious festival in Cyprus, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on Monday, with almost half the island’s population celebrating their name day.

A low pressure continues to affect the island.

Clear skies today, with cloudy spells in certain areas. Winds will be light to moderate southwesterly to northwesterly, force three to four, turning noon onwards, moderate to strong, force four to five and in southern coastal regions, strong force five to six, over slight seas, gradually turning moderate.

Temperatures will rise to 37 degrees Celsius inland, 31 in western coastal regions, 33 in the rest of the coastal areas and 29 on the mountains.

Clear skies this evening, with low cloud in the west and north and intervals, with light to moderate winds and slight seas, turning moderate in the west, north and south.

Temperatures will drop to 21 degrees Celsius inland, 22 in coastal regions and 17 on the mountains.

Sunny, hot conditions with near 40s will persist through to Tuesday, with temperatures close to the seasonal average.

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