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GESY doctors’ wages still under discussion

The Pancyprian Medical Association is examining the final proposal regarding the wages of GPs and specialised doctors after the implementation of the National Heath System (GESY).

There are strict timelines for the implementation of the first phase of the National Health System and so the dialogue is not expected to continue much longer.

Moreover, the proposal submitted to the Pancyprian Medical Association is not subject to any significant changes, since the proposed remuneration is based on GESY’s overall budget. On the other hand, the public stance of the Pancyprian Medical Association does not seem to leave open the possibility of an agreement with the Health Insurance Organisation, unless one of the two sides significantly alters its original positions.

According to the proposal, a GP with 1300 registered patients will receive €112,000 per year on average, while a paediatrician with 875 patients will receive €100,000 per year. Specialist doctors participating in the implementation of GESY are expected to receive around €150,000 per year. GPs will be remunerated ‘per capita’, according to the number of beneficiaries on their lists. Specialist doctors’ remuneration will be calculated on a ‘fee-for-service’ basis.

According to the proposed regulations, GPs will have three sources of income:
– Per capita fee
– Fee for specific operations
– Fee based on performance indicators.

Specialists, according to the same regulations, in addition to their pay per service, will also be remunerated on the basis of performance indicators. With regard to inpatient care, both specialist doctors and personal physicians (physicians and pediatricians) will receive additional remuneration.

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