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Georgetown program combines Olympism and Diplomacy to create free, democratic citizens

The current state of global affairs is underlining the fragility of our world and highlights the fine lines between hatred and war, radicalization, and conflict. It brings back devastating memories of human suffering – and it amplifies the urgency for immediate and collective action, grounded on the universal values of Democracy, Human Dignity, and Freedom – foundations that aim at promoting global peace and security by respecting fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Academic – and Cultural Diplomacy – in Action – can play a significant role in this process – by pioneering ventures and initiatives that preserve these foundations, embrace humanity, and promote data-driven solutions.

Academic Diplomacy in Action

In response to these challenges and the current state of global affairs, Olympism for Humanity (O4H), the Center for Intercultural Education and Development (CEID) at Georgetown University (GU) and the International Olympic Academy have joined forces to establish a global strategy and have launched a new Certificate program to prepare free, democratic citizens who are ready to serve as Peace and Democracy Champions of Change in our fragile global community. Our CIED-O4H Georgetown Certificate Program intersects Olympic Heritage, Peacebuilding, Omniculturism, Democracy Actualization, and Sustainable Development, also known as Olympism in Action. The Vision – is to establish an Olympism for Humanity in Action global Academic Diplomacy network committed to the advancement of Democracy and Humanity in Action enterprises across continents.

The CIED-O4H Georgetown University Certificate Program serves as a worldwide academic diplomacy platform and a Global Innovation Hub for embracing Olympism, democracy actualization, and humanism as a peacebuilding platform and an enabler for the UN SDGs, children’s rights and responsibilities, equity and integrity, community regeneration and resilience. It aims to prepare global citizens to advocate and lead change through Olympism in Action inclusive structures and purpose-driven initiatives. The aim is to promote systemic and collective change by creating peaceful, inclusive, and resilient democratic communities that are physically active, culturally sensitive, and civically engaged.

Sponsor a Champion of Change from Fragile Regions and a Community in Need

A number of participants from fragile and underserved communities receive scholarships for training and capacity building with funds secured through our ongoing fundraising campaign. Champions of Change with outstanding potential and from fragile communities can apply for partial or full Scholarships (U20 Youth League Candidates) and Fellowship (Open and Academic League Candidates).

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