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General three hour strike on Thursday to paralyze Cyprus

Cyprus will be paralyzed for three hours on Thursday when a general strike is scheduled to take place from 12:00 to 15:00 over the hot issue of Cost of Living Allowance (CoLA).

Marches and gatherings will take place in all cities in defense of the CoLA, that is, the mechanism for the automatic indexation of wages according to the rate of inflation.

The island’s labour movement in unity with all the workers in the public, semi-govermental and private sector will send a strong message that they reject the position of the employers to abolish it. And to replace it with another system for the formation of the wages.

The announced strike will affect most aspects of public life including transport and air traffic as well as schools all across Cyprus.

The strike follows an impasse after discussions between Labour Minister Kyriacos Koushos, unions and employers’ organisations.

Employers have sent the message they are ready to hold negotiations in good faith and based on the transitional agreement of July 2017.

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