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Further update on coronavirus from Health Ministry

The Health Ministry on Sunday issued a further update on the coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan in the district of Hubei advising  members of the public that travel there should be avoided unless absolutely essential.

The latest release follows an announcement yesterday that the ministry has drawn up an action plan in the event of coronavirus being detected in Cyprus while the Foreign Ministry issued a travel advisory.

On Sunday, the ministry said that:

  • According to information from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the risk to travellers is considered moderate
  • It is recommended that trips to Wuhan in Hubei district are avoided unless absolutely essential
  • There is currently no vaccine against the virus

Those visiting Wuhan are advised to:

  • Wash hands often for minimum 20 seconds using hot water and soap. If not available, use an antiseptic containing alcohol
  • Cover the mouth and nose with a tissue or own sleeve (not with hands) when coughing or sneezing. When using a tissue, dispose of it immediately and wash hands
  • Avoid contact with animals (dead or alive)
  • Avoid buying animals or animal products (like raw meat)
  • Avoid contact with patients, especially ones with fever, cough, or trouble breathing
  • Keep up with updates of the situation in the area and seek medical help if you exhibit any symptoms such as coughing, temperature, difficulty in breathing and avoid further travel

On their return from a trip to China and especially Wuhan the public are advised to to monitor their health for 14 days.

If symptoms are observed from the date of return and up to 14 days later, stay at home and seek medical assistance immediately mentioning the trip to your doctor or to the contagious diseases monitoring unit of the Health Ministry on  telephones 22605601, 22605659 or the 24 hour number 22887171 of the call centre.

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