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Funds and ideas on the table for Nicosia centre’s rejuvenation

Nicosia centre needs to be rejuvenated and a number of plans have already been proposed by ministries and the municipality to achieve that goal, Philenews reported on Monday.

For the implementation of all ambitious plans to start, the drafting of a competition to be announced by the Cyprus Technical Chamber starts this week.

Interior Minister Nicos Nouris is certain that proper planning backed by sufficient funds will enable the restoration of economic activity, and the attraction of visitors and residents to the centre, the paper wrote.

As well as reduce traffic and encourage youth activity through the proper use of public buildings, it added.

Amongst the proposals are the transfer of a couple of Ministries/offices as well as plans to increase the leisure and green space within the centre.

So far, new road schemes are duly planted with trees, whereas the linear park of Pedieos river and that of Kaimakli have shown the attraction of such parks for sports, as well as family bonding.

Another proposal is for the Cyprus School of Architecture to be transferred in the historic centre.



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