NewsLocalFuel prices in Cyprus record substantial decrease

Fuel prices in Cyprus record substantial decrease

Just like in the rest of the world fuel prices in Cyprus also recorded a substantial decrease in recent days with the positive trend expected to continue throughout August.

In fact, compared to the prices recorded on July 12 – the highest ever in Cyprus – the reduction in the price of gasoline is 17.1 cents per liter.

And in diesel, the reduction is 10.9 cents per liter and 7.4 cents per liter in heating oil.

Gas prices worldwide have fallen but the market remains precarious and experts said it’s too early to know if the move lower will hold.

The prices recorded are the lowest since the start of the Russian war in Ukraine.

Compared to the beginning of the month, Cyprus records a decrease of 9.2 cents per liter in gasoline, 1.7 cents in diesel and 4.4 cents in heating oil.

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