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Free Greek lessons for beginners

We Circle Collective and Sxoleio tou Dromou organise free Greek lessons for beginners at the Nicosia Old Market (Agora Project) in Nicosia.

“This course is addressed to every person who lives in Cyprus and wants to learn how to communicate in one of the local languages. We believe that learning in a funny, open, multicultural and accessible environment is easier and faster.

“Lessons at the Sxoleio tou Dromou are based on the concept that everybody should have the right to learn a language, especially the local one: they are completely free for anyone who doesn’t have a job and donations are welcome from whoever feels like can give a contribution.”

Lessons usually take place on Thursdays from 18:30 to 20:00.

This week the lesson will take place on Wednesday, January 16 at 18:30.

More information here.

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